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Time to Wean

Early weaning has been shown to increase the rate of growth of calves, but there is something about the time of year, the geese flying overhead, and the smell of winter on the way, which also tells you it is time to wean.

Our calves are bellowing out with hoarse voices tonight, missing their mothers. No matter how much we try to decrease their stress, there is no easy way to say good bye to your mother.
All will be well again in another couple of days.

A Winter Storm to Remember

All the cows have weathered the storm beautifully. We have over a foot of new fluffy snow.

A Winter Storm to Remember

All the cows have weathered the storm beautifully. We have over a foot of new fluffy snow.

Spring-Rock Farm is proud to have it's Vermont Wagyu on the menu this week at Gramercy Tavern!

After 3 and a half years of careful nurturing and development of this amazing beef, we are proud to have it being served at Gramercy Tavern in New York City.

Thanks to Chef Mike Anthony for making this happen. We congratulate him on receiving the 2012 James Beard Award as the best chef in NYC.

The Celebration of a Noble Steer at Spring-Rock

We are preparing to say good bye to an old friend, as we offer our first meat for sale in mid March. Our harvest of meat comes as we begin to order seeds for the garden and lay out the plans for a new fence to build in the spring.

Farm is Safe House for Hurricane Irene

Spring-Rock Farm fared well during Hurricane Irene, adding four new calves to our herd in the midst of the rain. With the hurricane following on the heels of the east coast earthquake, we named the calves Shudder, Quaker, Irene and Noah. They are growing well.
The farm also housed 35 guests on the 28th of August, all stranded in Vermont due to the flash flooding that devastated Vermont. Thankfully, no one was hurt in our group, the most damage being a car that could not be salvaged.

Harbingers of Spring

How many harbingers of spring can you think of? The first robin that you see, geese honking overhead, the chipmunk periscoping his head up through the snow, the ground hog not seeing his shadow..... Can you add a few more?
In case you can't tell, we are tired of winter at Spring-Rock farm. We are waiting for those harbingers. And our free range chickens are tired of being cooped up.
So tell us about the signs of spring.

Wagyu embryos ready for sale

A productive week, we finished putting up some embryos for sale for both national and international markets. Check the website for more information.
Fall colors in southern Vermont should peak within the next ten days, depending on the winds and much needed rain from this pounding storm.

Farm Blog for Spring-Rock

Welcome to our farm blog for Spring-Rock Farm, proud home of Vermont Wagyu. Check out our wagyu herd photos and pick out your favorite!

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