Growing Vermont Wagyu Beef

At Spring-Rock Farm, an idyllic, historic site on the Connecticut River in Vermont, Dr. Sheila Patinkin is cultivating Northern New England’s first small, artisan herd of full blooded Wagyu beef cattle in a natural, organically managed setting.

The Wagyu are a remarkable breed. They are beautiful animals with a gentle temperament and the most amazing meat you will ever taste -- richly marbled and so tender you can cut it with a fork. The Wagyu and the Kobe beef these cattle produce are so highly prized they are considered a national treasure in their home country of Japan, but we are just beginning to discover the Wagyu’s true potential here in the United States.

Spring-Rock Farm brings cutting edge expertise in genetics, animal care, and bovine embryo transfer to Wagyu breeding, and combines it with an old-fashioned commitment to the land and a healthy environment. The result is a gentle, manageable animal that yields off-the-charts superior beef.

Currently, Spring-Rock Farm is the only active member of the American Wagyu Association in the Northern New England region. We want to change that! Our vision is to build a vibrant and profitable Wagyu community in and around Vermont by helping others interested in raising or cross-breeding Wagyu through embryo sales, calf sales, and by sharing our experience and expertise.